Online dating kinda sucks.

Dating in general is hard enough. Meeting compatible people, being your best self…

And then, with online dating websites and apps, to have to add in needing to develop a “personal brand” in photos and text to market yourself as desirable?

Not to mention figuring out how to search, how to approach, how to respond?

How to have it NOT be so… Daunting? Frustrating? Overwhelming? Time consuming? Ineffective?

If you are struggling with dating, I am glad you are here.

My goal is to help you date more efficiently and effectively, so you can have more fun with it and get what you want — whether you want to meet people online or in-real-life.

The Matchmaking Maven

I help highly intelligent, self-aware, and creative single women and men learn how to date more efficiently and effectively so that they can have the relationships they desire.

Useful Items

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