My Bio

I have been a non-fiction writer since I was old enough to send a letter. I am a former journalist and publicist with a Master’s degree in solo autobiographical performance art and a teaching certification in body-based improvisational theater. I studied Socio-Cultural Anthropology at U.C. Berkeley (B.A.) and Interdisciplinary Arts (M.A., emphasis on Writing and Performance) at San Francisco State University. I have studied, performed, and taught a variety of improvisational storytelling forms since 1992. My theater mentors include Ruth Zaporah (Action Theater), Nina Wise (Motion Theater), Corey Fischer, Bay Area Theatresports, Sue Walden, and Lew Levinson.

I began taking photography classes and developing my own black-and-white film and prints at the age of 10, continuing through high school and college, shifting to digital work in 2007, on to the present. I generally shoot candid-style portraits in real-life settings with natural light. Some of my photographs have appeared in magazines, on book jackets, and in online dating profiles.

My coaching style has grown out of my experiences in dating, therapy, coaching, self-help communities, and psychic healing work, my improvisational theater studies, and my participation in ongoing trainings in psychological and energetic healing techniques.

I use photography, writing, and coaching to help people recognize and communicate how amazing they are, and to connect them with their desires and goals.

The Matchmaking Maven

I help highly intelligent, self-aware, and creative single women and men learn how to date more efficiently and effectively so that they can have the relationships they desire.

Useful Items

Top Athletes and Singers Have Coaches. Should You? (The New Yorker) This article offers a great description of the value of coaching as a tool for personal and professional development.