I offer a real, personalized experience.

I’m not selling people on a system or a set of ideas that they should apply without question.

I work with people who do not fit the norm or a mold, who want something different. The middle of the bell curve is not my area.

I fall in love with my clients, I help them see how amazing they are, and I help them communicate that in the world.

I also help them see where they have been communicating past frustrations — blocking love from coming in. And help them remove those blocks.

I am devoted to my clients and hold them in my energy field during our work together — this is no small thing, though hard to describe, and may not fit with the belief systems of some people. To those I would say it this way: you are on my mind all the time, and I am problem-solving for you, running searches for you, and rooting for you, even when we are not on a coaching call.

I believe truth, beauty, love, and God are all the same thing. That we are all, deep down, seeking connection with something beautiful and holy inside ourselves, and between each other.

I see people getting caught up in fear, not being honest with themselves, or others, and I see this fear blocking them from that love, that holiness, that inner light, the light of the world; and I want to change that, one dater and one workshop at a time.

My mission is to help people express themselves more skillfully in the world, with more choice, awareness, and agency; less fear; more love; and more truth.

The Matchmaking Maven

I help highly intelligent, self-aware, and creative single women and men learn how to date more efficiently and effectively so that they can have the relationships they desire.

Useful Items

Top Athletes and Singers Have Coaches. Should You? (The New Yorker) This article offers a great description of the value of coaching as a tool for personal and professional development.