Finding the Cosmic Glue

Unconscious patterns and habits keep many men and women from experiencing the “cosmic glue” that makes relationships stick. These patterns often interfere with how we present ourselves to potential partners, and how we evaluate those who present themselves to us.

Nowhere is this more evident than in online dating profiles and the emails that ensue.

I designed this program based on my own experience and the experiences of men and women I have coached over the years, who, through this process, have undergone profound shifts that helped them achieve their dating and relationship goals.


While the 90-day program described below uses the format of online dating as a vehicle for transformation, it is not a requirement that you actually contact or respond to people via a dating website or app. We will create a “profile” for you, and discuss/evaluate the profiles of others, in order to help you clarify and strengthen your skills, strategies, and goals, which you may then apply online or in real life.

In the Finding the Cosmic Glue 90-Day program, we:

  • Identify your unsuccessful dating habits, beliefs, and patterns.
  • Articulate the key traits of availability in your potential mate.
  • Develop the ideal marketing materials and implementation strategy to help you achieve your relationship goals (online or in-real-life).
  • Use online dating and real life tools to put your new strategies into practice.

At the end of the 90-Day Cosmic Glue process, you will have:

  • Personalized objectives and guidelines for dating,
  • Standards for evaluating potential dates and mates,
  • Strategies for efficient and effective dating,
  • An approach to dating designed to serve your own empowerment and growth—no matter how each date unfolds.
  • And a dating profile made up of text and images that reflect who you are—your best, most fabulous, and real, you.

Why 90 Days?

I have observed in my work that a three month commitment creates a powerful container for change. This period of time also enables me to support you as you implement your new strategies and for us to hone them as needed.

And yes, 30-Day and hourly coaching packages are also available. 

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The Matchmaking Maven

I help highly intelligent, self-aware, and creative single women and men learn how to date more efficiently and effectively so that they can have the relationships they desire.

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