Before working with Julie, I felt frustrated with online dating and avoided it rather than using it. Also, I wanted to be sure I was putting my best foot forward in the online dating world. There are best practices in every endeavor, including this one, and I wanted to know what those were and adopt them.

After completing Julie’s 90-day program, I feel more optimistic that I can meet somebody and I am much clearer about who I am looking for. I also feel more patient with the process and less willing to shoot in the dark. Getting new pictures, based on Julie’s advice, was huge and definitely brought me more attention online. I also feel like I have a much stronger profile that really reflects who I am, which has also helped me get the attention of the men I want to meet.

Although online dating can be very discouraging, every time I talked with Julie, I felt energized and ready to go at it again. It was a great experience working with her!  I would definitely recommend her to others (and have).  Most people don’t know that a service like this even exists. It has been so helpful to me.

S.; Branding Consultant; Albany, California

* * *

Before hiring you, I had used EHarmony, Match and Seniorpeoplemeet. I met nice men on all three sites, but wondered whether my profile was keeping me from meeting someone younger, emotionally healthy and similar in personality and spirit. Somehow, I just did not feel sure that I was getting my real message about who I am out there.

Working with you made me feel excited about online dating. This surely affected the way I approached the men I did meet. You gave me a sense of personal power and confidence.

I met a wonderful man who is cute, has a great sense of self, is remarkably similar to me and we fell in love. We are seeing each other exclusively and talking about marriage. It is exactly what I hoped for and I am so grateful.

C.; Financial Services; Oakland, California

* * *

I came to Julie on the advice of a friend who knew that I wanted help in exploring ways to meet quality potential partners. At that time, I tended to be contacted by gentlemen who were very nice, but not ones I felt I had a potential connection with.

While working with Julie, I put together a more appealing profile and I became more aware of what traits in a partner are appealing to me. I loved my new photos, and her input on my writing was spot-on. I really valued her thoughts on being very clear on my boundaries.

I became much clearer on two things about dating: First, I do not owe any of these fellows any more than to be friendly and polite. If I am not feeling them, I can walk away (and take with me a pleasant experience).  I do not need to feel any more than that (and shouldn’t).  Second, I became clearer with myself and acknowledged earlier on during (or after) a date, what worked and what didn’t work for me.  This increased awareness made making decisions about a second date much easier. 

Now, I am more aware of what I am looking for. I think I have brought what my heart is saying closer to the surface.  This carries over into my daily life. Also, I have embraced the notion that I do not owe any of these guys more than I want to give.

J.; Interior Designer; Oakland, California

* * *

I have to say that it feels super-good to be on Team Julie!! Good to have such an avid and active supporter. You have been a tremendous help. You taught me how to listen to my gut!

L.; Corporate Sales; Silicon Valley, California

* * *

When I first started working with Julie, I felt a block around dating; I knew I needed help. I was resistant to online dating. I was closed down. My anxiety had me in a narrow space. I thought, by hiring a dating coach, that Julie would whip me into shape, she would force me to do this thing I’d been avoiding.

But then, I got the reality that this was not about online dating. It’s an inside job. Julie was always there with me. She met me where I was at, she gave me permission to go as slow or fast as I wanted; she never made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough. She made me feel like it was okay; like “I can still coach you about dating even if you don’t go on a date.”

Working with Julie, I had a photo shoot done, which was big for me. I got a profile posted.

And I let go of an addiction I’d been engaged with for over half my life.

I became ready to heal myself— slowly ready, not all in one fell swoop. I came to the crossroads; I met myself; and I liked her.

I gained confidence, self-acceptance. It’s okay to be soft; there’s no whip. You can find something from being soft, in the softness things loosen up, relax, valves open. I also gained peace of mind. There are no more “on-my-to-do-list” items for dating.

I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like today if we had not done this work!

At times I worried that I should have participated more — more of searching online and sending emails — between our coaching sessions; but then I realized that, no, this is on a different level. This work is on a sacred level and she meets me on a sacred level. Now, I am in awe of what is possible. I am going to keep going on my path, doing the things I love, that make me feel alive, and staying open to meeting the person of my dreams. 

K.; Shamanic Healer; Piedmont, California

* * *

I am thrilled with my profile; you were able to pull the stories out of me and put them on paper. People tell me I am exactly how I present myself, or better!

Your interview also helped me to get clear on what I wanted in a match. And I appreciated that I had so much extra text to play with if I wanted to add or change anything. You helped me represent myself honestly.

And I love your photographs. (My dates all say that my pictures look like me!)

What people have said to me about my profile:

“I read your profile and just had to tell you it’s one of the best ever. Not that profile writing is a marketable skill but it never hurts to acknowledge greatness!”

“Julie wrote this—but it sounds like you!”

UPDATE: I met my match with your help

When my friend wanted to set me up with one of her friends on a blind date, she showed him the photographs you took and sent him to the online dating site to read my profile.

Needless to say, it worked out for us.

Even though we didn’t meet online exactly, your photos and writing were definitely instrumental in bringing us together!

J.; Veterinary Assistant; Oakland, California

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I help highly intelligent, self-aware, and creative single women and men learn how to date more efficiently and effectively so that they can have the relationships they desire.

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